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DO’s & DOnt’s for the mortgage process around CHRISTMAS

The holiday season is always a crazy time, but that’s no reason not to take advantage of the great housing market, and make some new holiday memories in a new home. Benchmark is committed to a smooth and easy mortgage process, keep these simple do’s and don’ts handy as you start your home buying process this holiday season.

· Keep an eye on your holiday budget; remember not to make big purchases that might affect your credit score.
· Be sure and take into consideration your own personal schedule as the holidays tend to get hectic quickly.
· Use your neighborhoods Christmas decorations to gauge the atmosphere of the community.
· Call your Benchmark mortgage professional l to start your home search today! Nothing is better than a Christmas spent in a new home!
· Remember it is the holiday season for your loan officer and realtor. While they will gladly assist with any questions you might have, be mindful of their time.
· Let Santa and the Elves know that you have moved addresses!

· Don’t make any large purchases (things that require credit checks or opening new lines of credit). This can affect your credit score and change your loan status.
· Don’t wait until the last minute to complete and send the required documents to your loan officer. Doing it in a timely manner will ensure a smooth loan process.
· Don’t rush putting an offer on a house just because you can close before the holiday season. Remember, this is a long-term decision.
· Don’t use your entire down payment on holiday gifts. Save the money you can.
· Don’t accept monetary gifts from relatives without consulting your loan officer first. (Monetary would be like down payment assistance)